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Travis Reynolds: Start to Finish

Travis is always asking for interesting glue-ups.  Multi-stringers, t-bands, tons of wood.  We send his blanks north and wonder what they’ll become.  We’ve come to trust him explicitly. Our work is always elevated by his work.  His boards are distractingly beautiful.  And yet, Travis is so quiet and humble.  Rather than an exercise in spectacle, his boards are a reflection of Travis’s commitment to custom, hand made, functional art work.

While the finished boards always make us smile, we were thrilled to see the process that takes between our factory and the finish.  Perhaps there are a few design and technique insights you might glean, as well.  This video also illustrates the importance of selecting the exact right blank for your build.  Travis is able to skin very little off the deck while still achieving his desired foil and rocker. This reduces foam waste and allows Travis to focus his time on refining the details.


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