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Surf Specific EPS Foam

Not all EPS is created equally. Specifically, not all EPS is created for use in the same application. US Blanks is the only surfboard blank manufacture that offers a block EPS that is specifically engineered for surfing. Surf specific EPS. #SurfEPSpecific

Not all EPS is created equally.  Construction-grade EPS is used as a filler.  It is meant to fill empty space or to be used as insulation and strangely, this is the quality of EPS that many surf manufactures use to build surfboards.

Surfboard cores have a list of unique demands that require specific strength-to-weight ratios, the ability to store and release energy, and a predictable flex pattern.  US Blanks surf-specific EPS is designed for performance in the water and predictability in the shaping bay.  Tighter fusion means less water absorption, better compression value, and an easier shaping experience.

Further, we cut blanks from 24′ x 4′ x 3′ blocks, so we can custom cut nearly any dimension blank within that range.  1.5 pcf and 2.0 pcf densities are available with our full range of stringer and colored glue options.

Below are just a few samples of customer testimonials.

Sometimes in the surfboard world, the rules of symmetry need to be broken. Take this board for example. Typically, the shorter rail on an asymmetrical surfboard is intended for the heel-side rail. So this board would’ve for a goofy-footed surfer. Remember the breaking rules thing? Well, this customer requested a reverse asymm. He wanted a quicker turning toe-side rail for surfing backside & turning back into the wave for a turn back where he was. Think of a figure 8. Now tighten that loop up. This is my Einstein Model. Basically a performance Fish, with an Asymmetrical tail standard. Board built with EPS /Epoxy. Go to my website & watch my videos on this board. #barrysnyderdesigns #bsdeinsteinmodel #einsteinmodel #aysmmetricalsurfboard #einstein #handshapersalliance #handshapedepsepoxy

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