solarmadeheaderimage2Beginning on November 16th 2016, US Blanks entire manufacturing facility is solar powered. This transition makes US Blanks the first and only blank manufacturer in the world to be 100% solar powered.

The core of surfing, solarmade in the USA.

?? #SolarMadeInTheUSA #SurfProudly

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Press Release

us-blanks-solarmade-logoEvery light bulb, every stringer cut, and even the computer used to type this note, all are being powered by the sun’s energy.

We’ve installed 680 solar panels on the roof of our factory in Los Angeles with the goal of producing more energy than we require, and contributing that energy back to the grid.

solar-install-before-and-afterWe believe that responsible business practices foster longterm client and employee relationships and help grow our local, domestic economy. This has been a core tenet of our brand since day one. Transitioning our factory to 100% solar power is the latest action of this core belief.

Show your support for solar energy by requesting a US Blank when ordering a surfboard from your shaper.

By the sun, for the ocean. #SurfProudly

solarmadeblanksusblanksAmong US Blanks Standard Practices
100% Manufactured in the United States (Southern California).
100% Solar Powered Manufacturing.
100% US-based staff.
US-sourced supply chain (from polyol, to paper products, to paint).
Recycling program for all office and factory waste.
Stringer offcuts are repurposed into customer samples.

Follow the journey and see the blanks in action @USBlanks

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