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Shane Stoneman: Hand Crafted

Shane Stoneman 732x538
Shane Stoneman

Years Shaping: 18
Location: Cayucos, California
Number of Boards Built Per Week: 5-10

Shane Stoneman: A lot of surfers I work with want to feel like they are part of the process. They want to use their imagination to find that perfect combination of volume, template, bottom, etc, to maximize their sessions and find joy in the surf.   I work with customers to make small changes, here and there, from their last board, dialing it in.

I still believe in magic.  If I were to conduct a “blind” test, where I hand-shaped myself a board and then scanned it to make a replica, I really think I’d prefer riding the hand-shape.  Of course, the glasser makes all the difference in the world, too. I am lucky that I’ve only worked with really competent surfer-glassers that understand what we’re aiming for.

My most popular design has been the Rally Racer which is an all-around shortboard five fin with rounded pintail and 80’s flavored beak nose. I’ll usually use a 6’7” P or a 6’4” EA, red density, with ply stringers.

Rally Racer with 67 P


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