Rachael Tilly’s Title Winning Longboard

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Rachael Tilly’s Title Winning Longboard

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Earlier this week, 17 year old Rachael Tilly took time off high-school to win the Jeep World Longboard Championship in China and become the youngest female World Longboard Champion ever.

I am over the moon right nowEver since I was six it’s been a goal of mine to be the youngest World Champion and now I’ve done it, I can’t believe it’s even real. I have been to the contest twice before and not made many heats, but after winning the North American title I had more confidence this year and I guess it paid off.Rachael Tilly

2015 Jeep World Longboard Championships China

Rachael has long worked with the team at Hobie surfboards to fine tune her equipment and she’s also taken an active role in her board’s designs.

She is generally in the shaping room when I make them for her and has a very sincere interest in understanding design. She started in the shaping room at 11 years old with my dad shaping her boards. It’s no accident that she’s our World Champ.Josh Martin, shaper


Every one of her boards is hand shaped. The board that she won the China event on is her Rachael Tilly model Hobie. It’s a 9’2″ x 23” x 2 1/2”, single fin, square tail. She used it with a 9″ Wingnut Cutaway fin from Rainbow. I used the 9’3″Y EPS blank for her, in 1.5lbs density with a 3/8” Spruce stringer (I supply the Spruce). We custom cut my ‘JM Pro’ rocker into the foam.Josh Martin, shaper


Kris Carlow at Hobie can take orders for her model (949) 542-3355

Follow Rachael at RachaelTilly.com and @RachaelTilly