Rachael Tilly’s Hands On Approach

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Rachael Tilly’s Hands On Approach

Southern California longboard maestro Rachael Tilly has the distinction of being the youngest ever World Champion of surfing. In 2015 she clinched the title at just 17 years of age. This week she finished 3rd in the world to runner up Lindsay Steinriede and our new world champ Honolua Blomfield (who surfed an unbelievable final. Watch it here!)

Tilly has always been keenly attuned to her equipment and she spends more time in the shaping bay than nearly any athlete in our modern era. Whenever home, she works closely with Josh Martin of Martin Shapes to not only refine her designs but also to explore construction materials and techniques. They are using EPS and PU, various stringer materials, parabolic bands, and various inlays to store and release energy in very extreme ways.

Considering Rachael’s 3rd place world ranking, and watching her surfing, we’re convinced that the boards are working well. We can’t image what’s next, but whatever they ask for, we’ll gladly accommodate.

Ooh yeah….. flexi for @rachaeltilly @usblanks

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