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Promer Surfboards at Surf Snowdonia

Rezzy at Snowdonia

“That board was critical for surfing the wave pool. It’s 5’8 1/2”.  It’s an inch shorter than I am.  I kept the volume the same as my standard PU blanks, but opted for EPS for the added buoyancy needed for freshwater.  The board only weights 4lbs.  As a result I was able to transition turns very fast.  The wave is somewhat soft, but very fast so the lightness and buoyancy was key.”  Tom Rezvan on his wavepool wonderboard. 

Surf Snowdonia is the worlds premiere, high-performance wave pool.  The 6 million gallon freshwater lagoon opened on August 1st in Northern Wales.  Huntington Beach professional surfer, Tom Rezvan, flew in on July 22nd to sample the wave and give feedback to the Wave Garden’s engineers.

Tom Rezvan had previously logged hours (and media coverage) at the Wadi Adventure wavepool in Al Ain.  He’s established himself as one for the foremost experts on wavepools and their potential implications for surfing’s future.

We spoke with Rezvan’s surfboard shaper, Ray Promer, to find out what’s required to build a surfboard for a manmade wave.


5’8 1/2” x 19″ x 2 3/8“, 27.3 liters. “Jade” by Promer Surfboards 

Rezzy and Promer US Blanks 600x300

Ray Promer “I used the 6’5″ SUPERFUSED EPS, 2.0 lbs density,  with 1/8″ Basswood and my custom Jade model rocker.” 

65 EPS US Blanks 100x400


Ray Promer “When shaping a board for Rezzy, I’ve got to make a board that can do it all.  He can do 2 or 3 big full rail turns then go straight into a 360 air and the boards have got to work for all those maneuvers.  This board is very similar to what I build him for Southern California.  It just has slightly more volume to accommodate for the lack of buoyancy expected in the freshwater.” 


Ray Promer “Rezzy travels a lot and always comes home with photos and videos of himself surfing a wide variety of waves.  He was surfing the Snowdonia wave pool one week and then a the hollow left at Panic Point in Peru the very next week.  Being able to review all his footage really helps understand how each board is working.  But the fine-tuning really comes from personal feedback.  Just having Rezzy communicate what he’s feeling validates what I witness in the video.  I will tell you after watching the videos from Snowdonia, I would have gone with a little less rocker just to help speed up the board a bit.  That wave looked really fast.”

Photo courtesy of Joel Evans.

Photo courtesy of Joel Evans.

Tom Rezvan “I surfed the board yesterday in the ocean for the first time and it was ridiculously fast.  The waves were fairly small and I was flying through flat sections with plenty of speed and was able connect with the oncoming section.  In smaller, weaker waves, EPS gives you an added 15% spark and drive.  It’s a necessary for anyone’s quiver.”

About Ray Promer

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.06.45 PM

Ray Promer “I started out by sweeping the floors after school at the 311 board shop (Huntington Beach) owned by James Vartanian.  After a long time of hanging out and watching (I’m sure there was plenty of begging also involved) he helped me shape my first board at the age of 14.”

“Although I’m best known for my high performance short boards I’m no one trick pony.  I specialize in all forms of surfboards.  I shape everything from classic long boards to high performance short boards.”

“In addition to James Vartanian, also I owe a lot to Lance Collins of Wave Tools fame.  I spent about 8 years working for him and learned a ton while I was there.”

“To me the magic formula is to make a board that is going to improve and progress the customers surfing.  I love it when a new customer comes back and says that this board blows away the last one they were riding. “

“The best way to get the best possible board is to order one in person.  I encourage anyone to stop in and chat.  1835 Whittier Ave Suite A-7, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.  You can also check out my boards online at

“And doing what you love keeps you young!”

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