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Meet Ward Coffey: Icons of Foam

Ward and Ben Coffey 1

Ward Coffey will be shaping in the Icons of Foam booth on Sunday morning at 10am.  Coffey will be shaping to replicate a classic ’84 Occy model thruster in honor of Rusty Preisendorfer.

A former Icons of Foam champion, in 2011 honoring Doug Haut, Coffey will be very comfortable in the shaping bay with little more than a hand planner.  Coffey honed his skills under Bob Pearson at the Arrow Factory where he learned the value of meticulous record keeping, but in recent years he’s begun to find magic beyond the numbers.  Ward discusses below . . .

In 1990 Coffey launched Ward Coffey Shapes.  Bucking the recent trend of self-promotion and instant gratification, Coffey has based his business around understanding client’s needs and conveying those needs into surfcraft.  In doing so, he’s developed a deeply respected reputation well beyond the Santa Cruz surfing community.  The biggest benefactors of his craftsmanship have been his children, Ben and Sam, whom have become two of Santa Cruz’s finest young surfers.

See more of Ward in our digital magazine below.

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And watch Ward shape at The Boardroom Show this weekend.