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Meet Tim Stamps: Icons of Foam

Tim Stamps Icons of Foam

Tim Stamps is a name that is often heard during webcasts of the WSL events around the word, where he shapes boards for some the world’s top pro surfers, but he began building surfboards at the age of 15 and developed his craft hand-shaping under the watchful eye of meticulous craftsman Rich Harbour of Harbour Surfboards. From humble beginnings, sweeping floors at Harbour Tim quietly developed his reputation for precision, building longboards, guns, shortboards, and eventually earning a certificate in computer mapping. Stamps has leveraged his hands-on experience, his penchant for record keeping, and his comfort of design software, to build boards for Brett Simpson, Courtney Conologue, Travis Logie, and Martin Potter, among many others. In recent years Stamps has developed working relationships with Darren Handley and Simon Anderson and spends time every year shaping abroad in both Australia and Japan. Stamps vast experience working with the worlds best surfers and shapers make him a formidable contender in the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters. Stamps will be the first of 6 shapers in the booth, Saturday May 16th at 10 am.

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