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Meet Roger Hinds: Icons of Foam

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Like a phoenix*, Roger Hinds reappeared at The Boardroom Show last year after a 4 year shaping hiatus. He came, he shaped, and he conquered; the Icons of Foam Tribute to Ben Aipa, that is. As the defending champion, Hinds has been invited back to compete and honor longtime friend and shaping icon Rusty Preisendorfer by attempting to recreate Rusty’s ’84 Occy model thruster. He’ll be shaping Saturday, May 16th, at 4pm.

Hinds is also the only shaper competing in two separate shaping competitions at The Boardroom Show. In addition to The Icons of Foam, he’s also building a board for The Ultimate Craftsman Project. This competition requires 4 shapers to build a surfboard from start to finish, by hand. The goal is to showcase the ultimate expression of one’s craftsmanship, however they see fit.

For Roger’s project, he built a single-fin longboard, with the foil inspired by Skip Frye and a first-of-its-kind checkerboard, 3,400 year old redwood and spruce stringer. Click on the Surfline article below to see the details and click the digital magazine to see Roger’s victory at last years Boardroom Show.

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Follow Roger at @RogerHindsSurfboards

And watch Roger shape and attend the Boardroom Show here

*Phoenix Glassing is the name of Roger Hinds’ glassing business.