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Kanoa’s Quiver

“It’s crazy how one board can change your life.” Kanoa Igarashi

It’s a sentiment that you might hear from someone who just discovered surfing and whose wellness was improved by their new outdoor activity.  It feels odd to hear it from a ‘CT surfer, a Pipe Masters’ finalist and US Open winner, with a quiver that fills a garage.

When calculating for the most minute adjustments, can the subtlest of changes result in genuine life change?  For Kanoa, apparently so. And for any pros getting 50+ new boards a year, what else could they possible be chasing if not life-changing results.

This is all a reminder for us about the importance of consistency and replicability.  In a sport with never constant playing field, of always changing variables, the importance of reliable and predictable raw materials cannot be overstated.  We are resolute in our mission to supply shapers with consistent, flaw-free foam, precisely glued to their rocker and stringer specs.  Manufacturing in California requires that we’re held to a standard of practices and detail that yields unmatched precision and quality.  And it’s an absolute honor to see our California cohorts, like Channel Islands, refining their practices to help world-class surfers like Kanoa advance and evolve our sport.

We are thrilled for every opportunity to partner with conscientious shapers and board builders. To acquire US Blanks through a Reseller near you CLICK HERE.

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