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Josh Hall: Origin Story

Josh Hall’s business philosophy nearly mirrors our own; “One order, one blank, one custom at a time.”  We’d add an “er” at the end of custom.  Nevertheless, we began receiving his one blank orders years ago and we’ve been thrilled to watch his business and his craftsmanship grow.  While we send him more blanks now, they are still highly customized.  Each blank is then shaped by hand and adorned with personalized finish work.  The boards are beautiful but as with all hand crafts, they are in limited supply so we don’t get to see much of them.

Thankfully, we have Jason Baffa who’s taken the time to profile Josh and give us a glimpse into his shaping bay and into his thought processes. Enjoy!

JOSH HALL + ZIOBAFFA from jason baffa films on Vimeo.

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