Introducing US Blanks 2.0

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Introducing US Blanks 2.0

In early 2018 we began a renovation. Our goal was to improve our polyurethane foam. Clients have different preferences, but we wanted to develop something that would be a comprehensive improvement for everyone; a foam that would be equally ideal for hand shaping and machine cutting, in all densities and blank sizes, still manufactured in our California factory from solar power.

The solution began with updating our manufacturing methods, which then required adjustments to our formula. We started to send single blanks out to some of our trusted clients. Their feedback advanced the solution and our newly implemented processes allowed a more precise control of the variables. The resulting foam was firmer, with tighter cell structure, smoother texture and unrivaled consistency from skin to core, nose to tail, and from one blank to the next.

Our next challenge would be scaling these processes to full production. As we sent sample blanks to clients, word started to spread beyond their shaping bays and through social media. We brought hand-held samples to Surf Expo and The Boardroom Show and before we had time to appreciate the positive response, the demands began. Shapers wanted the foam now.

US Blanks has always been guided by feedback from the shaping bay, so we are happy to include you on this process. As we move toward full scale production of our 2.0 foam, we will be increasingly sending out 2.0 blanks and would love to hear your feedback.

We cannot guarantee that your entire next order will be 2.0 foam, nor any percentage thereof. The volume of 2.0 foam that leaves our factory will be dictated by the development of our manufacturing processes but each blank will be labeled as “2.0”.

Every single blank is still made in California, entirely manufactured by solar power. US Blanks 2.0 is simply better foam for all.

We are thrilled to have you collaborate as we push through this final stage of research and development and are confident that 2.0 constitutes the finest foam we’ve ever produced. Thank you for your continued support.