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Icons of Foam – Rusty’s ’84 Occy Model


Rusty 84 with Occy


Rusty Preisendorfer Portrait BoardroomThe Boardroom Show is rapidly approaching. On May 16 & 17 the industry’s leading board builders will converge on the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the world’s biggest surfboard tradeshow. In addition to the many exhibitors and board building demonstrations, one of the main focal points of the weekend is the Icons of Foam shaping competition.

In the Icons of Foam we honor one shaping legend by enlisting 6 respected shapers to recreate a classic design. This year, Rusty Preisendorfer is the honoree and the contestants will be attempting to replicate his famous 1984 Occy model.

“I won the OP Pro on it,” remembers Occ. “As soon as I hopped on it, it was just magic.”

The board made a resurgence last year when Rusty commemorated the 30 year anniversary of the design. While surfing has evolved in the past 3 decades, the powerful tracks Occy laid on this board are timeless and modern surfers are still reaping the benefits of this classic design.

Here are the 4 contestants who will be given 90 minutes in a fish-bowl-style shaping bay to replicate the ’84 Occy model. We encourage you to come and watch these master craftsmen at work.

ROGER HINDS (defending champion) – Shaping Saturday at 4pm

Roger Hinds Portrait BoardroomRoger Hinds’ shaping career has spawned four decades and encompassed the multi-faceted evolution of the short board.  From his early days of stripping down longboards during the transition era, he went on to refine his skills under the tutelage of Ed Angulo, Jeff Edwards and Kent Smith. Hinds further developed his craft durng the pivotal era of the 1970’s on the North Shore with Country Surfboards and Lightning Bolt. He crafted boards and worked alongside team riders Jock Sutherland and Mike Armstrong as well as Longboard World Champions Rusty Keaulana and Taylor Jensen. Hinds expanded his skill set production shaping with Blue Hawaii, Russ K, Harbour, Hobie and Weber, and became head shaper for Bear USA. Learn more at RogerHindsSurfboards.com


CHRIS CHRISTENSON – Shaping Saturday at 2pm

Chris Christenson Portrait BoardroomCC is no one trick pony. He’s a new-age throwback pulling from an eclectic mélange of influences. His board designs are a well-balanced fusion of classic lines and forward thinking creativity. Walk through his factory and you’ll see a longboard next to a gun, a glider next to a thruster, each a blend of elements he’s studied from greats like Diffenderfer, Brewer, Frye and Pavel and done well to make them his own. Chris’s ideas, insight and expertise were a huge inspiration to the producers of the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off. Learn more at ChristensonSurfboards.com



WARD COFFEY – Shaping Sunday at 10am

Ward Coffey Portrait BoardroomWard has been content to quietly hang his shingle, listen to his customer’s wants and desires, and go into his hobbit hole and produce the goods. It seems to work. When he first started Ward Coffey Shapes in 1990 he had already put 10 years before the mast at Arrow Surfboards. During that time he had quite a few boards under his dusty belt, wore a lot of hats, learned about the surf industry, and most importantly found out that he really liked shaping surfboards. Follow @WardCoffeyShapes on Instagram



STU KENSON – Shaping Sunday at 12pm

Stu Kenson Portrait BoardroomA past winner at The Boardroom Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters (Orlando. Fl. 2013 honoring Rich Price). Owner of Stu Kenson Surfboards, located in San Diego, Ca. Specializing in custom surfboards since 1987. Some surfers currently sponsored by SK brand: Shawn Dollar, Colin Dywer, Travis Payne, Matt Ambrose & Marty Magnussen. Stu is stoked to have the opportunity to honor Rusty Preisendorfer  at this years Boardroom Show Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off. Learn more at StuKensonSurfboards.com



DAVE PARMENTER – Shaping Saturday at 12pm

Dave Parmenter Portrait Boardroom 3For 30 years surfer/shaper Dave Parmenter has ignored the rise and fall of hemlines, designing surfboards that work for blue-collar surfers in real-life waves. Borrowing proven design components from the past and the present, Parmenter’s Aleutian Juice Surfboards label focuses on how a board feels under your feet, rather than how it looks under your arm. Shaping and surfing on the rugged central coast of California and in the Hawaiian Islands, Parmenter has spent decades refining each of the various designs he has developed, a number of which spearheaded modern originals like the Stubb-Vector, the Widow-maker, and the olo-like Paddle/Surf Vehicle. Learn more at Nowtro.com


TIM STAMPS – Shaping Saturday at 10am

Tim Stamps Portrait BoardroomTim Stamps has been building surfboards since the age of 15 and developed his craft hand-shaping under the watchful eye of meticulous craftsman Rich Harbour of Harbour Surfboards. From humble beginnings, sweeping floors at Harbour Tim quietly developed his reputation for precision, building longboards, guns, shortboards, and eventually earning a certificate in computer mapping. Stamps has leveraged his hands-on experience, his penchant for record keeping, and his comfort of design software, to build boards for Brett Simpson, Courtney Conologue, Travis Logie, and Martin Potter, among many others. In recent years Stamps has developed working relationships with Darren Handley and Simon Anderson and spends time every year shaping abroad in both Australia and Japan. Stamps vast experience working with the worlds best surfers and shapers make him a formidable contender in the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters. Learn more at SurfboardsbyStamps.com



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