Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson has been shaping surfboards since 1966, and manufacturing surfboards on the North Shore of Oahu since 1972.

Combining proven, innovative custom designs with handcrafted experience, Rawson shapes and sells to 30 countries worldwide from 6 manufacturing locations.

His acclaim ranges from his home on Sunset Beach, Oahu, to California, Europe, Central and South America, Japan, and Australia. Over the last 3 years, Rawson has built North Shore custom quivers for his son, Ryan Rawson, as well as many of the North Shore’s finest like Kala Alexander, Rico Jimenez, Tom Dosland, Stephan Koehne, Pancho Sullivan, Cru Suratt, and Michael and Mason Ho.

Visiting pro surfers often rely on Rawson for their quiver during the Winter months. Such notables include Mick Fanning, the late Andy Irons, Tom Carroll, and countless others.
Rawson is well known for his contributions to modern Gun development in the early 80’s and onward. Starting with his surfboard blank designs and gun rockers produced through Clark Foam, and validation through making pro quivers for the likes of Mark Richards, Tom Curren, Derek Ho, Sunny Garcia and later, Kalani Robb, Bruce Irons.

Feeling the need to expand his niche into other areas worldwide: Rawson started traveling extensively in 1997.  In 1999, Rawson moved his California production to San Diego, California, where he was influenced by Fish gurus Larry “Larmo” Mabile, Skip Frye, and others who were the developers of the early Fish surfboard design movement. Their strong influence inspired Rawson into producing his own “S.U.V.” lineup, such as the San Diego Fish model, quads and other alternative board designs

Using the latest software and computer cutting technology, Rawson takes his shaping experience, quality control, and long standing work with professional surfers worldwide.

“I have been involved with US Blanks since the beginning. Getting foam that was as good as the blanks Gordon Clark was producing before closing was insurmountable prior to 2006. I have been using US Blanks exclusively since then, and besides their having some of the best plugs in the industry available, I have also watched the foam and stringer quality improve steadily over the last 9 years. Having such tough competition and a changing marketplace has kept all the foam manufacturers on their toes. We, the customers, are the better for it!” Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson