Matt Biolos

Surfboard shaper and cofounder of Lost Enterprises, Matt Biolos began his board building career in the late ‘80s at Herbie Fletcher Surfboards in San Clemente. In 1992 he began making boards in his garage under his now renowned “Mayhem” moniker. While Biolos steadily developed his craft through feedback from teenaged surfers Chris Ward and Cory Lopez, Lost cofounding partner Mike Reola documented their surf sessions and produced a series of iconic surf films showcasing their talents. While Lost Enterprises gained popularity in the mainstream, it was all fueled by Biolos’ ability to consistently supply surfers, world-class and novice alike, with surfboards that outperformed their competition.

Lost Surfboards’ offers every range of board up through Hawaiian guns, but Biolos is best known for shortboards, both high-performance and alternative. He is often cited for re-popularizing wider, fuller volume shortboards like his 5’5” Round Nose Fish. And while the “average” surfer has benefited greatly from Lost’s high-performance alternative board designs, perhaps nothing has brought Biolos more visibility than the success of the professional surfers riding his boards; among them, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, Taj Burrow, Mason and Coco Ho, among many others.

Given Biolos’ depth of experience and success with high-performance shortboard, we enlisted him to design the 6’4” MB. “Designed to bridge the gap between minimalist, low tolerance, performance shortboards blanks, and often times wasteful over volumed fish blanks. This thing will net all those shapes and designs that nestle between the two. Boards like our Quiver Killer, Rocket series, Short Round, Mini-Driver, and more.” Matt Biolos
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Matt Biolos