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Bruce Jones Surfboards has built premium surfboards for 4 decades. Bruce’s early career began at Hobie Surfboards in their gluing department where he worked alongside icons like Phil Edwards, Dale Velzy, Terry Martin, and Dick Brewer.  Bruce quickly established a reputation as a talented shaper and in 1973 launched his own business, Bruce Jones Surfboards, as a fully functioning surf shop in Sunset Beach, California, where the business remained until 2015.

Bruce is well-respected for a wide range of board designs, but is probably best known for the longboards designs that he refined over the course of his 40 year career.  In 2006 we enlisted Bruce to design 3 longboard blanks to be included in our inaugural catalog; the 9’4” B, 9’9” B, and 10’2” B.
Sadly, in January 2014, Bruce passed away. The legacy of Bruce Jones Surfboard lives through Bruce’s son, Brock, who began working alongside his father in his youth. We are honored to have Bruce as part of our team of designers and feel confident that his “B” series blanks will meet the needs of the most discerning longboard shapers.

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Bruce Jones
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