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Design Focus: The Golden Ticket

US Blanks Maurice Agnello

Maurice Agnello
San Clemente, California
Edit Surfboards

Maurice, “Every move that I’ve made in my career had an element of luck or fate involved.  It’s not strictly luck because I’ve always worked hard and I’ve been prepared for the opportunities that I’ve been given, but there’s been multiple times where I had to take a leap into the unknown, and thankfully, things always seem to work out.”


“When I was 18 I was coming home from a failed job interview and, on a whim, I stopped by Surfglas and asked if I could have a job.  Thankfully they needed someone to deliver blanks and boards around town so they gave me the job.  Incredibly, I was delivering boards to Phil Edwards, Mickey Munoz and these other incredible surfers and shapers.  I was an avid shortboarder, but being exposed to their level of craftsmanship and hearing their stories really opened my eyes to the craft of board building outside of my competitive shortboarding bubble.”

US Blanks Edit Surfboards Airbrush 1

“If you work in a surfboard factory for long enough, you end up being exposed to every aspect of boardbuilding.  One day the sander will call in sick, the next day it’ll be the polisher, so I ended up filling all those gaps.  Airbrushing was something that came really naturally to me.  I learned as I went, but it clicked pretty early on.  I loved how precise airbrushing needs to be and I loved the challenge and the artistry.  I airbrushed boards for Harbour, Stewart, Hobie, Dewey Weber, …Lost, Roger Hinds, and while I was certainly adequate at all the other aspects of board building, airbrushing is where I felt my greatest contribution to board building started.”


“Midget Smith is probably single handedly responsible for me shaping surfboards.  Midget, very generously, took the time to teach me how to use the planer and help me understand the fundamentals of shaping.  He shaped a board for me that I absolutely loved and we tried to replicate that board five different times and never really succeeded.  I became obsessed with the objective of replicating this specific board and that really drove my initial interest in shaping.  Simultaneously, while I was learning shaping and trying to replicate this specific ‘magic board’, profiling machines had gained a lot of popularity for their ability to copy curves and outlines.  So the confluence of my experience with Midget hand-shaping, my desire for precision that the machine provides, and my early experience with finish work, it gave me the perfect platform to launch Edit Surfboards.”

US Blanks Edit Surfboards Airbrush 2

“I don’t believe that you can create a 100% exacting replica board.  From blank selection to airbrushing to polishing, I’ve found that every little detail matters.  Even within the stringer, every wood has different grain patterns and will flex slightly differently.  You can get really close, but not exact.  But therein lies the beauty as well, because sometimes you stumble upon improvements or things that lead to design evolutions.”



“I rode a Greg Pautsch kneeboard, standing upright, and I couldn’t believe how fun the board was.  It gained speed so quickly in small, short waves that I wouldn’t consider riding on a standard shortboard.  It really opened my mind to different design potential.  I modified that kneeboard design by using single concave through the nose and then double concave with vee in the back third of the board and a little more curve, so it has all the speed of the kneeboard but goes rail-to-rail more easily.  The quad set-up works really nicely with the speed while helping keep the board locked-in.”

“I used a 6’5” R, Block-Cut EPS, 2.0lbs density with Team-Ply Stringer to net a 5’6” x 21” x 2 1/2” Golden Ticket which features a flat deck and beveled rail.”

65R and The Golden Ticket

“So many trendy boards have one extreme design element that has one specific benefit.  It might be marketable and look cool, but why not incorporate mutually beneficial elements to make the more complete design?  The Golden Ticket serves that function.  It has all the speed and paddling benefits of a small wave board, but with the contours and curves that allow for high-performance turning and surfing.”

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