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Design Focus: Rich Pavel

Pavel with Quiver 2

Rich Pavel’s boards are works of art; aesthetically, design-wise, and functionally.  As the “King of the Fishes”, Rich has been a longtime advocate for more foam, 4 fins, and forward-thinking.  To help fulfill our Fish Blank Portfolio, we enlisted Rich to design our 5’10” RP and 6’8” RP.  We were also able to wrangle Rich for a few questions regarding two boards he recently built for one lucky San Diego surfer.

Rich Pavel, “For the hand shaping of these I use RED density foam.  Making use of your high strength to weight ratio formulas incorporating a half pass off of the deck for blank optimization.”

“Nature is always unique in its expression.  Naturally speaking, the outline & rocker is a continuous curve based in Phi ratios.  These curves find their nexus in not any one spot on the wave.  They fit with the natural order of the wave and when you hit its frequency while riding, it is quite gratifying.  Accordingly, feelings of which flow from the wave itself.  The board is an instrument for this.  You are in a very direct harmonious relationship to what the wave is.  In turn the board’s design is a very real opportunity to receive direct experience, insights and intuitive knowledge from the wave itself.  The board’s design is free & loose yet very positive.  Not just cruising or crushing but more at an envelope edge for exploring the range of what a wave’s canvas consists of.

BLANK: 6’8” RP, Cedar wedge stringer, Natural Rocker

68RP Bottom and Profile Smooth 2

BOARD: 6’8″ x 20 5/8″ x 2 11/16”

68 Pavel Downrail Diamond Tail 600x300

“The 6’8” is a Downrail Diamond Tail.  It’s based on the boards Billy Caster made for me which I enjoyed so much growing up.  I am sitting on an arsenal of intellectual property bequeathed to me over time by Billy.  A quality individual, enough said.”

Glassing, colorwork, and pinlines by The Waterman’s Guild.

BLANK: 5’10” RP, Cedar wedge stringer, Natural Rocker

510RP Bottom Profile 600x300

BOARD: 5’10″ x 18.75″ x 2 3/8″

510 Pavel Tear of Joy 600x300

The 5’10” is exemplary of benchmark Deus efforts (see Harrison Roach riding an earlier version below). I would call this one “Sweetheart” or “Tear of Joy”.  It was also influenced by Bill Caster, with a particular nose and tail curve from George Greennough.  It also features a very “San Diego Rail” configuration which allows for great tube riding and beautiful turns.  This design has been ridden very successfully by Joel Fitzgerald & many others.  It’s an “all-a-rounder” and runs really versatile.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.23.05 PM

Closing Thoughts: Enjoy these in the purest sense of what the human experience lends itself to.

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