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Design Focus: Incide Blanks + Soap Box Derby

Ryan Sakal by US Blanks

Ryan Sakal
Aryse Co., Encinitas, California

We recently caught up with Ryan to hear about his recently launched surfboard brand, Aryse, and to get his feedback on working with our Incide Blanks.

It makes a lot of sense to have the carbon fiber core at the center of the design. It’s where the energy and strength is generated and stored and then the EPS foam works to evenly distribute that energy throughout the board design. I was working on a similar design concept 10 years ago, that I never fully developed so when I saw the Incide technology, I was super excited to use it.

The Soap Box Derby

5’0” x 19 1/4” x 2 1/4”

Ryan Sakal Incide Shadow Logo

The Soap Box Derby is a mesh between a Mini Simmons and a modern shortboard. I like the flow of a Mini, but sometimes you lose traction when putting it on rail, so I used a modern rail and bottom contour of a high-performance shortboard. The design works with Polyurethane or EPS, but I like how the Incide Blank gave it more buoyancy and corkiness. I can feel the board preload and then flex back with a distinct and fast springiness. I’ve let a lot of friends ride that board and everyone has a blast on that thing.

 Mikala Jones

MIkalas Incide Boards

The board on the left is: 5’9″ x 18 3/8″ x 2 5/16″. And the one on the right is: 6’3″ x 18 3/8″ x 2 1/2″.

These are two Incide Blanks that Mikala’s been riding in Indonesia and elsewhere in the past year. He has had really positive feedback. Most of my experience with the blanks have been in smaller waves and I’ve been experimenting with their flex and recoil through turns, but Mikala’s had some valuable in regard to barrel riding and powerful waves. The flex and forward projection is good for barrel riding because of added speed. You can really control the pace of the board almost like pumping a brake peddle, in the way that you can flex a bodyboard to slow down and speed up. Mikala also recently ordered a 6’3” and a 6’8” for the North Shore this winter, so you can expect to see some footage and imagery  of the Incide performance through this next season. Here’s one wave he caught on the 5’9″ during that recent Indian Ocean swell at Kandui.

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 About Ryan Sakal

My dad shapes Sakal surfboards in HB. I started surfing at 5 and competing at 9. I shaped my first board at the age of 14 and I never got another board from anyone else, including my dad, after that first board. He saw that I loved it and he really encouraged me to pursue both surfing and shaping simultaneously.

In 2014 I started Aryse. I started really slowly, establishing the backend of the company, developing and dialing-in boards and relationships on an individual basis. Given that the waves in Southern California are often small and somewhat mushy, my focus is on designing high-performance boards that perform in the waves we surf around here on a daily basis.

Ryan Sakal 2  by US Blanks

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