Stringer Selection

Powerline Stringerz

Powerline Stringerz is a 4-ply panel of non-woven polymer.  It’s a composite stringer that provides a consistent and reliable strength and flex pattern from nose to tail. The stringer itself is translucent but it reflects and refracts the color of the glue line, so selecting glue color will allow you to achieve your desired stringer color.

As compared to traditional wood stringers, Powerline Stringerz are stronger and lighter, impervious to water, and don’t have any inconsistencies created by grain. Additionally, Powerline Stringerz always return to it’s original state no matter how often it is flexed which allows a surfboard to maintain its “pop” indefinitely.

Powerline Stringerz are also very easy to shape and soft on tools. There is no learning curve for the shaper. Powerline is smooth and consistent and there are no knots nor grain variation.  They also cut easily on the CNC machine.