US Blanks offers 3 foam selections: Polyurethane, Block-Cut Expanded Polystyrene, and Superfused Expanded Polystyrene.

Polyurethane (PU)

US Blanks manufactures a water blown, Toluene Diisocyanate based polyester polyurethane blank. We feel this combination provides the best physical properties required by a surfboard, resulting in the strongest blank possible, and yields the best performance qualities. The quality, stability, and consistency of a TDI based polyurethane blank has long made it the choice of the majority of board builders.

While there are many formulations available for a TDI based blank, we believe our formulation provides the optimum strength while maintaining ease of shaping and maximum flex. We are continuously fine tuning our formulation to supply the shaper with a blank that exceeds industry standards for these characteristics.

To provide a truly custom polyurethane blank, we offer several densities for most blank sizes. Please reference our DENSITY SELECTION to learn more about weights available.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

US Blanks offers 2 types of EPS foam; Superfused Molded and Block-Cut.

Superfused Molded blanks are available in 6 different sizes, 2 densities (1.7 pcf and 2.0 pcf), and several different thicknesses offering the shaper a wide variety of options. The molding process also provides tighter fusion and cell structure than traditional EPS blanks, although not as tight as traditional PU blanks.

Block-Cut EPS blanks are available in 2 stock densities (1.5 pcf and 2.0 pcf), with a 3rd (1.0 pcf) available via custom order. Block-Cut EPS blanks are available in any range and size up to 16’ long and 4’ wide. Every blank within our catalog is available as Block-Cut EPS. Custom cut files may be submitted in either Shape 3D or AKU Shaper formats.

Everyone knows how important rocker is to the performance of a surfboard. US Blanks offers custom rockers at no charge, including private rocker templates.

While our master plugs were designed with a Natural Rocker that fits a variety of designs, we know that individual style and design will require adjustments.

We use the deck line to adjust rocker, and all adjustments are referenced to the Natural Rocker. If desired, we can adjust rocker to the bottom. Adjustments can be made from almost any point on a blank and from one blank size to another. Unless instructed, all rocker adjustments will be made from the center of the blank. If the adjustment is made from a point other than center, the adjustment point will be part of the description. Rockers transferred from one blank size to another will require a match point. Radical rocker adjustments may result in bumps or dips created in the deck line.

US Blanks offers colored foam for stringer inserts and full colored foam blanks.

Our colored stringer foam is made in Classic density and is available in stock colors of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Pink and Gray. We formulate our colors to be bright and bold. Occasionally we may have additional colors available.

Colored blanks are available for all sizes and all densities on a custom order basis. We offer colored blanks in the same colors as our stringer foam, and can also formulate any shade of the stock colors. Custom colors are available for minimum quantity orders. Custom mix-and-matching, configurations, and glue-ups are all available and only limited by one’s creativity.

It may be possible to develop a proprietary custom color. Please contact our office for information.

Our in-house mill capabilities allow us to offer nearly any conceivable cut or configuration. Some limits are set by the length or width of wood available. Our cedar comes 6” wide and will not fit all rockers, and our plywood has a length limit of 8’1”.

Multi stringers, T-bands, off-set stringers, flares, and wedge cuts are all part of our custom stringer capability. Again, stringer configuration is only limited by one’s creativity.

Parabolic rail stringer configurations are also available in a variety of different blank sizes. Our standard parabolic templates can be used in any of our shortboard sizes to suit your finished board dimensions and requirements.

US Blanks currently offers 5 solid woods, various plywoods, and 2 alternative materials for stringer selection.

Solid Woods

Balsa, Basswood, Dark Wood (Cedar Alternative), Cedar, Old-Growth Redwood.


4mm Unidirectional Plywood available in Poplar Ply, High Performance Ply, Team Ply.

Appelcore Stringers are a 3 ply, colored-dyed, basswood stringer available in a wide range of color combinations. CLICK HERE to see color options and inquire for current availability.


PVC is available in 3mm and 4mm, colored red and white.

To provide a truly custom polyurethane blank, we offer several densities for most blank sizes.

Actual pounds per cubic foot (pcf) of a given weight foam will vary with blank size due to mold compaction and skin to core ratio. The comparisons listed are based on the difference in pounds of foam used to pour each density and is an average among blank sizes.

The density of a blank will be identified by the color of the paint on the nose.

Polyurethane (PU)

ORANGE (COMPETITION WEIGHT): approximately 12% – 13% lighter than BLUE. Currently only available in short boards.

RED (PERFORMANCE WEIGHT): approximately 6% – 7% lighter than BLUE.

BLUE (STOCK WEIGHT): considered our stock density and is the basis for comparison.

GREEN (CRUISER WEIGHT): approximately 9% – 10% heavier than BLUE

BROWN (CLASSIC WEIGHT): approximately 30% – 32% heavier than BLUE. These blanks will be identified with a brown tipped nose.

BLACK (TOW-IN WEIGHT): approximately 205% heavier than BLUE. These blanks will be identified with a black tipped nose.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Superfused EPS: 1.7pcf & 2.0pcf

Block-Cut EPS: 1.5 pcf & 2.0 pcf. Additionally 1.0 pcf is available via custom order.