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// DUST // – Valerie Duprat

Valerie Duprat (Meremade Surfboards, Encinitas, CA) got her start in board building when she repaired an old McTavish that she found on the beach.  As a mom and biochemist, surfing was a great recreational activity but she needed a creative outlet.  Repairing and painting that first McTavish offered a new perspective and combined multiple loves,

The restoration inspired me and made me begin to think about our equipment as functional pieces of art. Surfing is a great physical expression and release, but I still felt a need to express myself creatively on the land. Shaping became the perfect outlet for that creative energy.

Girca (Girca.fr) recently connected with Valerie to combine their passion for filmmaking with Valerie’s passion for shaping, and thankfully for us, it also gave a slow-mo look at what happens to our foam once it leaves the factory. Enjoy!

// DUST // from Gauthier RICHARD on Vimeo.

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