We supply surfboard builders with first quality foam blanks made entirely in the USA. Each blank is made to order and available with custom rocker and glue ups.


Icons of Foam - Rusty's '84 Occy Model
He started surfing at age 6. I have a photo of him on his very first wave at San Onofre. For his 1st board he wanted to make a Funboard, as an alternative to his Cha...
Father & Son Shaping Lesson: Foam E-Z
Noll Surfboards in undergoing a transformation. They can be found at the same street address, operating under the same tradition of craftsmanship, but the space has...
A New Noll
Is there anything more gratifying? A bravo to the shaper who kept his blades sharp, maintained a steady hand, and lucked into some straight grain....
The Art of the Perfect Stringer Curl


We provide the blank canvas and social media gives us the opportunity to see all the amazing board building taking place around the world. Tag  @usblanks and #USBlanks to showcase your work and follow along to draw inspiration.