We supply surfboard builders with first quality foam blanks made entirely in the USA. Each blank is made to order and available with custom rocker and glue ups.


With gratitude for your continued support the entire team at US Blanks sends you the warmest holiday wishes....
From The Petro Man
Vans got their team together to build boards and then held an event to showcase the fun. Whether a self-shaped board works or not, going through the process will ens...
Self-Shapes: Vans Team
Rachael Tilly's Hands On Approach
Pat O’Hare began his board building career as a sander in Surfside, California with Rick James and working under Rick Greech before moving on to Dewey Weber. Pat d...
R.I.P. Pat O'Hare


We provide the blank canvas and social media gives us the opportunity to see all the amazing board building taking place around the world. Tag  @usblanks and #USBlanks to showcase your work and follow along to draw inspiration.