We supply surfboard builders with first quality foam blanks made entirely in the USA. Each blank is made to order and available with custom rocker and glue ups.


Ask and you shall receive. We have a limited supply of 12'2" blanks available (pictured here with the 6'0"R). Whether you need one or a constant supply through the y...
Available Now: the 12'2"
Denis Galioto: Costa Quality
The other incredible discovery through this improvisation is that we’ve pushed preconceived design barriers. This tiny little 4’10” seemed unsurfable when we ...
Marcelo Matos: Costa Quality
We glued up a some foam blocks to illustrate our various stock glue colors as "swatch" samples to showcase at The Boardroom Show. Ryan Lovelace stopped by the booth...
The Colored Glue Fish


We provide the blank canvas and social media gives us the opportunity to see all the amazing board building taking place around the world. Tag  @usblanks and #USBlanks to showcase your work and follow along to draw inspiration.